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Marks Custom Kits is a multifunctional custom fiberglass design, fabrication, production & repair company, established in 1989 with a global client base specializing in, but not limited to, the following creative areas;



            Mark's Custom Kits is a multi-faceted company whose areas of expertise in custom fiberglass and composite design and fabrication has been utilized around the world by both private individuals, dealers, museums, theme parks and the entertainment industry. If your designs call for something spectacular, we will be able to help you in bringing it to reality. This website is extensive, informative and will help you in both giving you some ideas, as well as show you what we can do for you. Don't see something you need or want to know about, Ask !!
            We can do almost anything related to fiberglass/FRP within the scenic, theming, architectural, restorative or creative areas, and can travel to your site to give evaluations, estimates or look over an upcoming project.  Have an emergency repair? We can give on-site repair so your exhibit or attraction won't be sidelined any longer than necessary. Are you a traveling carnival or fair and have an emergency ride repair? No problem. Need some fabrication for an upcoming theme park attraction or exhibit?  Call us. We're your "one-stop" shop for the fiberglass and scenic needs of many venues and scopes.                

              Check out the different sections below that outline both our services and capabilities. Click  on each block in the Table of Contents to take you to detailed pages that give more explanation, examples, and in some cases, pricing for existing company products.



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Custom Promotional Vehicle Design

A car topper prop

Giving new life to the old

Giving new life to the old- 2

                    WSo where do you go when you need to have fake bamboo panels for a project, and no one has them because they don't exist? Why you make them, of course!

      Its not that simple because of the fact that bamboo matting is long strips of bamboo straps, intertwined into itself and it creates an uneven surface. So creating a new mold is time consuming and hair pulling to get it to lay down and act properly before the mold is completed. Once the mold is done, you can make both single-sidled panels and/or double sided panels by making 2 panels and attaching them to each other. And once fabricated, you can theme paint and highlight to whatever the paint scheme needs to be. So now we have molds to make fiberglass faux panels for any client that may need them!  Tiki hut anyone ?



Starting off with real bamboo mat

Locking down mat with a gelcoat surface

Prepping mold for layup

Chopping a new panel



Laying down the base color

Theming out the highlights

Ready for mounting

Mounted on walkway handrail



                      Back in October of 2015, the schools mascot, the reading bear, which has been an icon for  many years, got vandalized by to people who never got caught. Upon seeing the damage, I immediately contacted the Osceola School District and offered up our services for free to repair and bring life back to the iconic bear. First time students have been having their picture taken in front of the statue for over 16 years, and I couldn't let the actions of a few, change the way new students started their journey into the future. So me and my team started the task of bring back shape and look, to the schools lasting mascot....

It was our pleasure to do the work, and administration, teachers, students and parents alike, all gathered around for the public unveiling of the newly reborn bear. Kissimmee Elementary, thank you for the opportunity to allow us to help you in this time of need... 


A starting point; the original look

Vandalism !

Fixing up the patient

Creating shape where there wasn't any left


A little spit, bubble gum and creativity

Bringing back the shape and look

Getting ready for paint

Art class student input


Bringing the color back to our patient Excited crowd gathering for unveiling Waiting for the big reveal The bear is back !



                       Anyone who is from the Northeast part of the US, knows the name Nathan's, an institution located at the world famous Coney Island beach in Brooklyn, NY. Their world famous hotdogs are a staple if visiting Coney Island, as well as available in various supermarkets.

                        Nathan's happens to have a promotional children's carousel that makes its rounds at various fairs, exhibitions, carnivals and other public gatherings around the US.  When the company who runs the promotional unit contacted us to give it a facelift to overcome the wear and tear or use, we were happy to apply our skills to giving it a refreshed look.

                        We would like to thank Intersport for giving us the opportunity to bring new life back into an iconic names promotional ride.


Nathan's Famous pays us a visit

Having alot of use under its wheels, shows

Chips, gouges and wear

First off; sanding. Lots of it !


Next comes a fresh coat of official color Then comes the mustard yellow Done, ready to ride again  Back out on the road again




                                A gothic rebirth.....                     Santa's cosmetic makeover..    



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