Mark's Custom Kits Inc. has grown in the past 19 years to include the design, creation and fabrication of custom fiberglass products from both clients plans and drawings, to custom from-scratch ideas. We are a full service company, that can assist you in the rendering of your own custom designs, thru to full production, or if you have your own production molds, can help you with second-sourcing or prime sourcing your parts for inventory.

      We have the capabilities for CNC foam sculpting for accurate 1:1 parts and plugs, or can even hand sculpt the initial parts for client approval. We work from production blueprints and drawings and work with the clients from start to finish. No job is too small or too large.

      We are also capable of on-site repair, restoration or enhancement of your products. Be it a them park ride that needs refreshing, or your mobile parts or built-in pool or water slide, we can come to you for ease of production. We have access to some of the most skilled creative people in the business that have years working with the biggest names in theme parks, museums, and film/special effects companies.

    Some of the work we have done, and can do for you includes:


                                            Here are some examples of the processes, and final outcomes, of the custom fabrication areas of our operation. This is just a very small capsulated view of what we have done.


Starting from scratch Exacting measurements Exacting placement Halfway there
Test fitting Modifications Finished alterations Final Product




Hard-coated foam Creating fiberglass shell Support cradle for mold Half of the fiberglass part
Ready to attach two pieces together Test fitting two sections Transporting to jobsite Assembled lighting fixture



New block of foam Sculpting foam to rough shape Ready for mold fabrication Getting ready to fiberglass
Fiberglass mold Fiberglass part Texturing exterior surface Final Product




     Our clients have run the gambit from the major theme parks here in Orlando, to major construction contractors, to private companies looking for new products to the makers of custom fire trucks and rescue vehicles.  If after looking over our extensive website you still don't know if we can help you, then give us a shout and let us tell you how we can help you and your upcoming project. References are available for your information if needed. You can contact us Monday thru Fridays, from 7am to 3pm in our offices at 321-697-5445, or if we're not in, then please try our mobile phone at 321-624-4219. We look forward to helping you make your project come to life.




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