With over 20+ years in the fiberglass business, Mark's Custom Kits can do their magic on your amusement park rides and attractions. We apply the same critical eye on taking your prized possession and making it like new. We can make molds of old, outdated items, re-create them and give your ride a new, refreshed look. Many rides have long since been discontinued, making it near impossible to obtain replacement parts. Or, just normal day-to-day use places a great deal of wear and tear on fiberglass surfaces.  We can make your rides and rider vehicles look like new. We have the capabilities to work at your location, on-site at a distant city, your facility, or have your ride vehicles shipped to our facility to do major restoration and rehab work.




Worn out ride vehicle

Damaged lighting enclosures Warped lighting
Damaged from use Fixing up the vehicle Ready for the fun
Back in operation Heavily used ride vehicle On-site repairs



If you have ongoing restoration needs, Mark's Custom Kits can set up a Maintenance Contract that can lock in our services at predefined rates for specific intervals. We can also assist in new installations, construction of new attractions, create and fabricate molds for new shows, and have full production capabilities from CNC to final painting. Give Mark's Custom Kits a call to find out how we can give your attractions new life to help keep the magic going......

Office: 321-697-5445 from 7am to 3pm EST

Mobile: 321-624-4219 after hours or on weekends


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