Mark's Custom Kits has been privileged enough to be used as a scenic restoration company for one of the largest cruise companies in the world, and we have been doing rehab/restoration service to bring back a new look, to faded and/or damaged items. Unlike a controlled environment where you have stable operating temperatures and everything works as planned, doing work on board a moving and rocking canvas can be challenging. While it's sometimes difficult to re-define your repair and painting techniques to compensate for your unusual working location, the end result comes out beautifully. We deeply thank the cruise line for using us and look forward to more challenging, but fun projects!


Painting bottles Starting point; plain white bench seat Massive prepping, masking off, taping Once prepped, sanding off old material

Part of the protective conditions Another angle of our workspace Sanded and ready for new coating Laying down multiple coats of gelcoat

Recoating takes less time than prepping Once done, clean it all up and out Final results; beautiful! We escaped with our sanity!






       This is a case where normal wear and use, only after a year in operation, finally caught up with the appearance. Give someone a metal gold club, have them not make a hole-in-one, and watch what happens.....Of course sun fade, oxidation, and salt air, also played a role in the accelerated decline of the course. BUT, it was definitely NOT up to the cruise-line's standards. They have a high benchmark for look and quality, so it was time to bring this back to that level.


Starting point: 9 holes of damage



Frustrations taken out......

Planning our strategy

Step 1; take apart and disassemble

Unbolting props

Daytime crew at work

Night time repair and prep crew

One of many repairs

Priming repaired props

Primed, ready for paint

And boy, did it rain !

Working in a gangway

Putting down new paint

Coming along quite well

Even with the long days, you've still got to stop and admire a beautiful sunset over the ocean...

Touch ups and finessing the scenic look

Starting to look new

Better than when we started

No more cracks, gouges or chips

Even the golf bags got touched up

All 9 holes looking like aces

Another job well done !


                     It was a tough project that spanned 3 cruises and 2 weeks due to weather delays, scheduling around the guests wanting to play golf and other logistical issues that make it far more difficult than working in a controlled environment. But, after a lot of salt air, Caribbean sweat and paint fumes, we pulled it off. 

           Mark's Custom Kits would like to thank the  cruise line Company, its crew and staff, for all their assistance, hospitality, patience and direction in helping to make this project so successful. We look forward to more high-seas adventures !!!!



Sun faded flags Making initial repairs Creating new production mold Mold fabrication

New parts and mold Ready for new coating 3 different colors Bright new flags





               Once again, the cruise line utilized our companies capabilities on another one of its ships in both repairing damage done during use, and restoring vibrancy and clarity to it's mini golf course on board. The plan was the same, the environment and challenges were identical, and we only had 7 days to fulfill our projects objective. Did we succeed? Yes, and with resounding results. While it's never easy to do creative work outside your controlled facility, we have second guessed many of the issues from our first attempt, which helped us from getting blindsided on the second outing. Having a very helpful ships crew also makes things alittle more simple. BUT, there are always the speed bumps that must be dealt with and we had a few. Onward and outward, as we all head to Mexico !


Only 7 holes of damage this time !

More chips.............

More beatings...............

More frustrations taken out......

"Do you want to jump overboard now, or wait?"

Starting the many things to sand

More sanding and repairing

Removed props getting patched

Taking off contaminant's

Seam crack repair

Theme painting after repairs

Starting the enhancement

Starting to look good again !

More creative painting

Taking off old paint

Giving it new life

Giving the crab new eyes

Safety behind gates

Early morning work

Continues into the day

Wrapping up the beautification

New color, new vibrancy

Ready for the next round of golf.....

The best office view around !


           Mark's Custom Kits would again like to thank the cruise line company, her  crew and staff, for all their assistance, hospitality, patience and direction in helping to make this project so successful. We look forward to working with these great people and fantastic location again in the future.........






                        Who said repairs could only be done in the warm Caribbean and/or Bahamas?  This time, we were rewarded with doing our work on board while the ship did 2 weeklong back-to-back cruises up to the Great White North, as we sailed to Alaska ! Working 3rd shift was tough, but the scenery and grand vistas that pictures cannot recreate, helped ease the lack of sleep.                   



This sure beats the Bahamas!

15 plus years of use and abuse

Worn paint

Split and gouged rubber

Worn rubber  coatings

Damaged safety net bollard

Basic fade from time

Seam cracks and such..

Paint worn off from being climbed on

Enter, the rejuvenators....

3am in the morning; still light out !

Time for a refresh

Starting to look like wood again

New coatings = fresh new look

Putting paint on the old way; roller

Alaskan vistas


Getting that new look

New paint gives it a "POP"

Good nutrition is a must !

And, an occasional whale breaching


Port holes to be done

Worn paint gone. New look, in !

Getting up close with a glacier

The end of the day in Alaska


                         Once again, the cruise line asked us to do our magic on the high seas. With 15 plus years of wear and tear, it was time for a refresh. Trying to get proper color codes off worn and faded paint, a challenge. But, once done, brings new life back to heavily used play things. Third shift aside ( even though it was still light out all night...) we plowed on, gave the place a new shinier look, and in return, got some scenery and pictures that verbal descriptions can't rate. Would like to thank the cruise line for entrusting their needs to our services again. The ships crew and staff were tip top, as usual, and made our time on board, much easier to cope with. Thank you Jim  and team !                                Where will the next water view be? Stay tuned !!!!!!!        


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