The art of creating fake textures within the creative areas is called "faux" . We have done many different types of faux finishes to recreate real items, out of fiberglass. To replicate nature in plastic composites, is not only difficult, but a specialized skill.  To replicate the subtle and sometimes unperceivable textures that nature has created, and make the general public believe that the object they are seeing or touching, is truly a learned skill. We have created some fantastic items that have been used in theme parts and other locations, where installing the real thing was not possible or desired. See some examples here !



Original damaged concrete

New fiberglass casing with texture

Installation and tweaking

Finished fiberglass looking like wood


Internal metal support Woodgrain faux finish Installing and surfacing Finished "tree branch" supports


Fiberglass pole Applying layers Texturing Finished "tree" lantern holder


Weather worn material Repairing surface Applying new texture & accents Finished "palm trees"





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