r    When you have a building that is over 40 years old, it shows its age and is need of a facelift. Such was the case with a attraction facade which was in need of a makeover. What originally was slated as a 4 month project, got elongated to over a year due to extensive wood rot and deterioration that was not apparent in the initial stages of teardown. It was both fun, and mind numbing, every step of the way....



                    The starting point; the untouched building               Hard to know what is under the exterior surface..       All of the exterior trim  and frames, has to come off                                                            One of many molds to come..
                Restoring the window frames took time                    Even the insides of the gutters were rotted         Before a mold is made, have to make flanges                       A silicone mold is time consuming !!
                             Completed new gutter                                 Building trim piece in 3 sections                      Balcony handrails were a nightmare           Adding faux texture to surface to replicate stone

               New gutter mounted to exterior wall surface                                   Applying faux texture to new fixture                     The making of a new silicone mold                            Original part and new silicone mold
                          Balcony handrail ready to be installed          Installation took forever to get perfect alignment                                            Dormer finials made                    Dormer cap getting textured with faux stone
            Roof top finials ready for high-reach installation           A little cut here, a little cut there, making it all fit...            Doorway archway ready to be mounted onto wall                        Doorway archway mounted and painted
                           Sometimes,  just a comical view         Putting the finishing touches on the seam blending       Making sure everything lines up before attachment                  Giving faux stone texture on touched up pieces
          Finished project with new paint that just "pops"      The new building look great with muted & subtle hues..     The new chimney, roof finials and dormer ridge caps                Now, hopefully good for at least another 40 years..






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