We were recently commissioned to restore some original blow-mold plastic Playmobil Christmas figures, and the client wanted sturdy fiberglass replicas made      from the rotted and broken plastic. While blow-mold plastic is sturdy and cheap, it does not last long, and once the plastic starts to rot and degrade, the heat-sealed seams start to open which creates problems for repair.

        So our repair and restore project had to first start with getting the broken plastic repaired enough to be able to make production molds off of, and then make the parts out of sturdy fiberglass. It's not readily apparent at the start just how many sections and mold pieces there will be until you start to dissect the figure. In the end, the outcome was beyond fantastic, AND, the fiberglass will never rot or degrade....



       The starting point; parade of broken toys...       Even Santa's reindeer were broken and rotted      Little Miss Christmas angel is waiting her turn                  Even Mr. Snowman needs TLC....
           Prepping Santa's arm for molding           Arm mold being made to replicate part            Even Santa's beard gets a makeover          Santa's beard mold ready to make parts

     Santa's head as he gets flanged to get molded        Santa's hat gets flanged down the middle    The bottom half is flanged, and ready to mold    Santa's chest section before flanges are attached
                 Santa's chest section, molded  Chest section being sanded and prepped for paint    Meanwhile, reindeer being prepped for dissection                  Mold parting lines being laid out
                      Drawn and quartered.........                 One of the legs being flanged       The reindeer head flanged, ready for molding    What the head looks like molded, before trimmed
     Some of the molds that make up the final figure       New head getting some pre-paint touchups                      New head with new paint            New torso with new paint and add-ons
                    .....Out with the old......        .....................In with the NEW...............                              Size comparison                           Ready for action !!!!!!

   Coming up; reindeer, snowman and Miss Angel....          Start at the head, and work downward !                    Legs attach to lower torso..               And seam work makes it look clean

  With upper body attached, now ready for the head  With the head attached, it's ready for painting !