Many years of waiting, the replica fans from countries where American left-hand-drive cars must be converted to right-hand-drive, now have the option of purchasing all the goodies to create their own replica vehicles. We have done a lot of research, spent a lot of time perfecting the products, and have gotten nothing but stellar reviews and praise from all over the world. Our products have made it into countless v shows, music videos and promotional tours. To say the enthusiasts love it, would be a gross understatement. They were designed using the same high quality and workmanship that our normal LHD products get, and the proud owners can attest to that.

     Please note; these products will ONLY fit the 1982 to 1992 Pontiac Trans Ams and Firebirds that have been professionally converted to the right-hand-drive ( or RHD ) layout. These dashes, armrest  and overhead consoles will NOT fit and/or work properly on the un-converted cars. Both dash versions, the 2 tv dash, AND the 1 tv dash, are available.

     Installation of these new products are the same as the LHD cars, and the installation instructions will be the same. The gullwing steeringwheel that is currently offered for the LHD cars, will also fit the converted RHD cars. No further adaptation is required except the usual steeringwheel adapter kit needed for either version. While this dash has been designed around the Trans Am, any car using the Trans Am as a donor car will be able to benefit from its use.  If any digital electronics are being considered, as long as the stock gauge cluster and factory wiring harness is being used, along with the factory sending units, the existing digital electronics should fit and work just fine. Below are some pictures showing the development, fabrication, and subsequent finished product.


            Starting with a block of foam            Creating the armrest console                   Sculpting completed
           Doing component installation                     Almost completed                             Complete !


                     Modifying the dash                        The 1 TV dash, RHD                       RHD  1 TV Dash



NOTE # 1: Shipping for any of the above items is NOT included in the prices and will be calculated at the time of order and will be sent freight collect to the client who will be responsible for both shipping and any VAT and duty required. Also, please do not forget to add the $ 60 crating fee if ordering a dash. Any other smaller items ordered at the same time will be shipped inside the dash crate.

NOTE # 2: The above RHD dashes, overhead and armrest consoles will NOT be sold to any client here in the US and will only be sold to countries and clients outside the states. 

NOTE # 3: Electronics sold in countries using the metric system, can have the electronics calibrated to read out in KPH, or MPH at the choice of the client.




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