The term "Theme park architectural" can mean many different things, and can encompass a wide range of projects. We are capable of creating, or re-creating various items located within a theme park or amusement center. From facade structures, to building columns and archways, to support columns, to store attachments, to ride track icons and many other things that relate to the architectural theming of a facility. We can create your icons, make production molds and mass produce the parts, or repair existing items on-site, and even build your items at our facility and have them shipped out for installation. Below are some examples of work we've done with various theme park environments to show you our capabilities. Our work can also take place at hotels and resorts, wherever such architectural and ornamental items may be found.





Assembling sculpting foam Creating cutting template Getting rough shape Trimming foam to proper thickness
Tweaking shape into closer tolerances Ready for side relief channels Carving out channels Relief sculptures
End cap sculpture Resin coating foam Primering finished shape Creating flanges
Making mold sections Very heavy mold at 22 feet long Making parts from mold Out of the mold part
Rough placement of sections Fine tuning installation Done ! In use




Creating new plug

Making parts from new mold

Finished fiberglass arch

Fiberglass decorative cover






Column wraps Column tops Spindles Handrails and spindles




Walkway columns and handrails

New silicone molds

Finishing parts

Installing new column covers






Original rusted gate Sand blasted flower Creating plastic replacements Re-creating gate in 1:1


Wood & plastic model ready for silicone Poured silicone mold Making new urethane gate Almost finished part


Newly installed and set decorated Backside view Aged and made to look like wrought iron It will never rust or rot!





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