All electronics  have been carefully designed to be as accurate as the cars electrical system will allow and are also made using top quality electronic components from major manufacturers such as Harris, National Semiconductor and Hewlett Packard.  Due to the very nature of the automobiles electrical environment, there are many things that contribute to the proper functioning of the electronics. When installing these precise and highly reliable and sensitive electronics into a car that is potentially 20+ years old, you may run into situations where the gauges may not work correctly due to many factors, such as oxidation on connectors; sending units which have failed or not as accurate as the testing procedures followed during assembly and calibration, ground loop problems caused by high current items like headlights/ac system/brake lights, or the installation of high-powered sound systems into the cars electrical system which adds inherent electrical noise and gives you potential errors in accuracy. 

    Marks Custom Kits Inc. has a limited lifetime warranty to the original purchaser that will cover the purchaser in the unlikely event that something will fail or cease to function. This warranty does NOT cover electronic failure due to; tampering with circuits; improper installation; abuse; or automotive electrical system malfunctions. Nor can this warranty cover the possibility that your vehicle has other underlying problems with its electrical system, wiring, sending units, etc. If an item fails or stops working, check your fuses, wiring connectors, ribbon cable interconnects, and/or hookups first. If all else fails, then you are to contact Marks Custom Kits Inc. for further instructions. If you are instructed to return any electronic component and the failure is found to be from any of the above reasons, you will be billed for repair. Technical assistance is available from 8am to 3pm Eastern Standard Time at 321-697-5445. Collect calls will not be accepted.


    Mark's Custom Kits offers customers the option of purchasing various fiberglass products in 2 configurations; out-of-the-mold, and finished. If you want to have a direct input into the outcome of your project, then you can save considerable money by purchasing the un-finished out-of-the-mold parts and do the finishing work yourself. Because you are taking the responsibility in cutting, sanding and ultimately painting these items, it will NOT be allowable to return any items that are sold in this un-finished condition. Please make sure of your capabilities before buying the products in this condition. If your vehicle has been altered, in an accident, has frame mis-alignment, or any other non-OEM issues, then you may have a fitment problem and this would NOT come under any warranty claim. Once you cut, modify or alter the fiberglass product, either out of the mold OR in the finished condition, you are then responsible for installation or adaptation to your application.

    Finished products usually include the item being properly sanded, painted and clearcoated and have a super fine, high gloss finish. Should there be an issue with your painted/finished product, please contact the company. We can NOT warranty any problems associated with incorrect installation, chipping during installation, paint problems due to chemical spills onto painted surfaces. If there should be a problem, please contact the company to determine the corrective course of action. Should the problem be caused by a painting issue, then the proper steps will be taken to correct the situation, such as return to our facility for proper remedy. Products will also not be returnable if they have been cut, drilled into, or in any way modified from their original configuration or intent.


    We take great pride in our workmanship, skills and proficiency in both the manufacturing, fabrication, installation and restoration of custom items. We have been trusted by clients both large and small, and strive to make that you are completely satisfied with our work. In many cases, we go through a rigorous process of back and forth with construction blueprints and the designers, to make sure our design-intent is right on the money when it comes down to building the products. Our warranty is based upon workmanship issues, and should there be a problem, then we will work with the client to remedy the situation. As a rule, our workmanship is good for 1 years, due to the very nature of what our projects consist of. Abuse, damage, vandalism and normal wear and tear of the many types of products we create, is not covered under this.




    On most jobs, Mark's Custom Kits issues proposals for the scope of the work that is being requested. Those proposals that are accepted by the client are then followed up with a contract that outlines the conditions for work to be done. Your company must issue a Purchase Order against out contract. Billing will be done against your Purchase Order and can be set up with Net 30 terms upon proper credit clearance. We run credit checks and Dun and Bradstreet searches on prospective clients to ensure timely payments and secure business dealings.


     Mark's Custom Kits has various methods of payment, which are different depending upon the project. If you have established credit terms with us, then you will only need to pay 50% of your order/project upon the start of the job or at the time the purchase order is issued. Final payments are required within 30 days of the project completion, unless other arrangements have been agreed upon beforhand. Bank wire transfers are also accepted and banking information will be supplied to those qualifying clients. Visa and MasterCard credit cards are accepted for those wishing to use them, and we even accept Paypal. If you are going to use Paypal as your payment service, a 15% service fee must be added to offset the transaction fees that are levied against businesses that accept Paypal. Our Paypal name is:



     Are you from outside the US and need to know how much one of our products cost in your native currency? Want to convert the US price to French Francs or Italian Lira? Then click here for converting the dollar amount. But please note; the actual conversion amount might be slightly different the day you decide to make a purchase or go to the bank for a wire transfer.

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  Marks Custom Kits Inc. is a proud member of the greater Orlando Better Business Bureau and continues to maintain an outstanding rating due to our commitment to producing the highest quality parts and never forgetting our clients who have kept us in business for 20+ years.


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