When looking for ways to give your water park a new look, the best cost effective way is to not replace, but restore. Water parks everywhere suffer from the same deteriorating effects that are common all operations; sun fade and oxidation, chlorine and water mineral contaminants, sun tan lotion and body oil grime lines, guest damage, and general wear and tear. We can help bring back that "like new" look by giving your water park slides and features a new revitalized look by applying the latest in coatings materials. Modern chemistry has greatly improved upon the effects of wear and tear and gives you back a sharp, bright look to your worn products.  

    While we can make them look bright and clean, all of the damaging processes such as sun fade, chemical wear down and guest damage, will eventually happen again with normal usage. But with the proper care and feeding of your newly restored water features icons, you'll save big when considering the option of restoration versus replacement. All you need is to wax your facilities a couple times a year, and you'll retain that sharp look longer. Below are some examples of what we can do for you!





Soft Rubber Character

Rotted Netting

            Oxidized paint


Mast Repair

    Mat Removal

Rubber Icon Restoration

       New Epoxy Coating



Airbrushing Details

Epoxy Slide Material

High Gloss Finish

      Vibrant Colors











   Faded Rubber Characters

 Worn Faux Palm Trees

  Water Damaged & Oxidized





       New High Gloss Paint


Epoxy Coating


New Graphics

   Look Better than Real !!!


   High In The Crows Nest

Just About Finished

    Sharp Contrast

       Finished Project


                                              BEFORE                                                                   AFTER


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