If you are a resort hotel,  water park or recreational facility, and are looking to have your old pool or water slide repaired and/or reconditioned, then Mark's Custom Kits can help you. Our repair and restoration process is slightly different for each application, as variations in slide construction, layout, configuration, amount of wear and location all dictate how we will tackle your particular problem. We can do as little or as much as needed, from minor damage patching, to overall surface repair and re-coloring. If your looking to have the color of your slide changed, then we can supply you with available coating colors so you can decide what will best fit your surrounding color schemes.

     It is to note that not all slide repair/reconditioning are the same. There are no set in stone prices, as various factors come into play when deciding what course of action is to take place. Because the repair time is different for each scenario, no two rehab operations are the same. Because of the processes involved in bringing your slide back to operational readiness, a site inspection is preferred to properly assess the extent of damage, location access for the equipment needed, as well as other requirements of the repair/rehab operation. The only time a site inspection will not be required would be for minor hole repair and spot blending. All other situations will require an in-person inspection of the slide, at the clients expense. This cost is deducted from your project cost, should we be awarded the project. This ensures that we give you the best quality service for your particular need and not use a blanket assessment that may not be sufficient for your situation. The site inspection cost will be discussed with each client and be based upon distance and time needed for proper evaluation of the project. Unless there are unusual situations, the client can be given a budgetary cost at time of site inspection. For the most part, almost all restorations and recoatings involve the same basic steps; thorough cleaning and damage repair of old surface, extensive sanding to get below the contaminated surface layers, cleaning and prep, and final new-coating application. We use the most modern epoxies, polyureas and gelcoats to give you the best finish that will have high durability to every day use.

    NOTE: Slide repair and/or reconditioning, while done with modern materials and processes, is NOT like when the slide was made brand new in the original factory molds. Many factors affect the longevity of a slide from location, direct sun exposure which oxidizes surfaces, water quality and chlorine content, guest usage and/or abuse and proper care and maintenance. Repairs of surface cracking and crazing, surface holes and stress cracks are only as good as the subsequent usage and care given. More severe damage repair such as gelcoat blistering caused by moisture or chemical intrusion is remediated as best as can done at the time of repair, but no warranties can be given for non-recurrence. Various techniques and processes involved will be discussed with the client at time of site survey.

    Mark's Custom Kits can arrange for work to be done anywhere in the world and has the capabilities of shipping all supplies, manpower and equipment as needed for the successful execution of your project.  Not all results are identical, but we come close to making your slide look like new and bring back the functionality and performance that your slide may be known for.

    COST SAVING HINT: We can even take a severely depleted slide, make molds from your parts, and create an all new slide without changing the footprint or installation structures. This saves thousands, and potentially millions of dollars instead of having an all new slide designed and engineered for your facility, as original as-built water slide molds are not retained by the manufacturer.

                                                                       Below are some projects that have been done with progress photos showing some of the efforts, techniques and results.






The project: 175 foot in-hill slide Sun fade, gelcoat wear-thru Gouges, scratches, exposed fiberglass The opening of the 175' abyss
Embedded in a hillside Life in "the tube" Sanding and repairs Long hours sanding
And more sanding Exterior repairs and stripping Gearing up for recoating Working backwards
Waiting to come out on the bottom The finished interior The start tub A happy crew: Mahalo, Group Pacific & Hyatt !






Sun faded slide Doing initial walk-thru Exterior oxidized and faded Overall view
The additional add-on section Added in sections Silicone sealing of joints Access via scaffolding
Getting ready to mix Exterior preparation Outside first, then inside Finished, except for cleanup







Worn and needing restoration Existing patches and repair attempts Faded and oxidized Starts by sanding
And more sanding Covering the area Ready for respraying Mixing things up
Applying new gelcoat A new surface Looking new Ready to go....





Starting point-plastic slide Engineering the removal Taking it all apart Clean slate, ready for a new one
Prepping original sections for mold fab Creating all new production molds Making the sections Rolling out glass
Working on the new parts Giving the new parts an exterior coating Getting ready to install New start tub
Manhandling sections together Bolting it together Checking new alignment Finished job





Project start Faded and oxidized Ready for a new look Looking down
Pressure washing is step 1 Getting to a clean surface Reading for sanding Filling and sanding
Prepping a water mushroom for recoat Getting access to full top Recoating to new brilliance Good as new
Over-spray prevention Creative magic going on under there A new look Finished job





Starting point Worn and damaged fiberglass tank Pressure washing off the grime Getting ready for repairs
Repairing hole in bottom New fiberglass all around Ample coverage of new material Finished and gelcoated





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